Mr.Bhanu Prakash from Bangalore,Karnataka

Let's just say it's not a Jeep like thar, mm550 or anything people are aware of. Just by the looks the force gurkha leaves people speechless. All they have to say is what the hell is that? Performance is way better than any off-roaders you find in India now. Bit pricey but worth every penny you spend on this machine. The rugged beast can take anything that you can put it through.

- Mr.Bhanu Prakash

Mr.Cherian Kalarickal from Kottayam

I purchased my Gurkha last July. I have been using the Gurkha on a daily basis, either for general purposes or taking my family off roading. The Gurkha has excellent ride comfort both on & off-road.The best word to describe the Gurkha is "Battle Tank". This is one vehicle, the more you drive the more you fall in love.

- Mr.Cherian Kalarickal

Mr.Koustubh Joshi from Pune

Really happy to own Force Gurkha - The combined package of Comfortable seating, High reliability-durability,rugged built, long service interval with long warranty period.All these points make it perfect for cruising. The best memory I am having in last 6 months of ownership is 1000 KM journey in just 2 days without any issue. The cabin is really spacious and it helps to make pleasant journey.

- Mr.Koustubh Joshi

Mr.Prashant Singh from Himachal Pradesh

With the kind of capabilities Force Gurkha can offer, it generates huge amount of confidence in the driver to take it to some of the toughest terrains. Whether it's snow, slush, boulders or the black tarmac, Gurkha excels everywhere.

- Mr.Prashant Singh

Mr.T.Srinivasa Rao from Andhra Pradesh

The Gurkha has been a really good companion both on road and off road, I use this vehicle for my little adventures and I could have no complaints. The suspension is one of the best if not the best, Engine performance is suffice, Boot is big enough for anything I would need to carry. Even on the sunniest of days, the AC is very effective.

- Mr.T.Srinivasa Rao

Mr.Nikunj Mistry from Ahmedabad

I purchased my Gurkha Xplorer on August 17 and have been using it for extreme off-roading with my friends and family members. I have been to many off-roading locations in Jammu, Leh, Ladakh, Spiti Valley. More are yet to be explored. Gurkha was my dream car. After purchasing the Gurkha my dreams came true, The Gurkha has an amazing driving experience and the vehicle has far better off-roading capabilities than what I had expected.

- Mr.Nikunj Mistry

Mr.Rituraj Yogi from Guwahati

I am Rituraj Yogi, a small time businessman from Guwahati. My previous vehicle was a Renault Duster that I drove all over India. It was awesome but I wanted more… an affordable 4x4. I considered the Thar, VCross or Gurkha to fit my price range. But to me, the Gurkha is a true off roader. My luck changed when I bought the Force Gurkha from a friend. It was a love affair… the most comprehensive 4x4 offroading vehicle I drove through ditches, bad roads and extreme terrains. It may not be luxurious; it has its quirks and flaws, but it does what it’s supposed to. The differential locks, the 4 high and 4 low, even the regular 2WD is more than a match for terrains here. I’m looking at more extreme terrain like Leh Ladakh, and remote corners of Arunachal Pradesh. I couldn’t do this with the Duster and I’m really very happy with the Force Gurkha.

- Mr.Rituraj Yogi

Mr.Sunil Soni from Vadodara

The first time I saw the Beast I knew in my gut that this was going to be my first ride. A year later, after a lot of research and saving up, I finally plunked down the cash for a Matt Black one. And just like fire can't kill a dragon, no offroading can wreck a beast of this kind. This new gen 2.6L BSIV compliant Gurkha that has two diff-locks and a four wheel drive, comes with a more authentic, simple and better looking face. Standing out as a most assured off-road vehicle in its segment, we’ve driven it in the desert, in river beds, beaches, and forests without disappointment. The Gurkha is also definitely the best-in-class ride on road as well; a comfortable, worry-free drive at 130kmph! Yes, we have complaints and question some of the quirks, but it’s remarkable how the Beast conquers terrains that lesser vehicles dare not approach. If you need a go-anywhere vehicle for leisure or necessity, this is it. I'm totally convinced we’re going to be life-long partners in crime. Feel like a boss. Own a GURKHA!

- Mr.Sunil Soni

Mr.Venkatesh from TamilNadu

I purchased the Gurkha in January this year. I must say the Gurkha is very convenient for long journeys and routine journeys aswell. The car has good pick up and the suspension makes for a smooth ride.

- Mr.Venkatesh

Mr.JaiKishan from Bangalore

Just the vehicle I was looking out for my adventure trips -- torque, engine and smooth gearbox, exceptional off road ability, and decent on-road manners too. The Gurkha’s performance and macho look would leave you awestruck. The tough no-nonsense armoured vehicle lives up to expectation and on many occasions, surpasses the tradition of a Jeep. Armoured with all necessary off road equipment, the Gurkha is a dream for any adventurist.

- Mr.Jaikishan

Mr.Sandeep Shridhar from Udupi

In 2017, when I test drove it for the first time, the Force GURKHA Xplorer instantly captured my imagination. For me - a Rover by nature - this beast perfectly complements my driving lifestyle of 80% on-road and 20% off-road. As massive as it looks with its commanding presence, the GURKHA is surprisingly easy to manouevre and helps you with great overall visibility. It's an excellent family companion, spacious and pretty much like a room in motion. My GURKHA gives me immense confidence to take on any track, and is the perfect 2-in-1 companion on my on-road and off-road quests. The premium quality of service offered by my dealer, Mangalore Force, is the icing on the cake which makes me a very satisfied customer of the GURKHA product.

- Mr.Sandeep Shridhar

Mr.Annapoorneshwari from Bangalore

The Force Gurkha, as the name suggests, is tough, reliable, robust, and ready for any road. Except for the odd squeak from the suspension, the vehicle runs with complete command. The engine feels torque and hums smoothly at steady RPMs. The Gurkha is a very handsome car and even my children think so. This is the realization of a 10 year old dream. We hope to explore the entire subcontinent and also travel to the Bering Strait and cross over in to Alaska someday. We love the experience so far.

- Mr.Annapoorneshwari