Best-in-Class Power-Train

  • The All new Gurkha Xtreme is powered by the Mercedes OM 611 derived, 140bhp / 321 Nm common rail direct injection engine with dual mass flywheel, mated with the Mercedes derived G-32, 5 speed gear box.
  • This advanced 2.2 litre engine is smooth revving, has low NVH and is highly responsive. It has a flat torque curve offering peak torque in a wide band from 1600 to 2400 rpm.



Best-in-Class Off-Roading Capabilities

  • The Gurkha Xtreme has a new hi-tech transfer case offering life-long service and least NVH levels. With a conveniently located lever one can select any of the three options, 4x2 High, 4x4High or 4x4Low.
  • The all new sturdy front rigid axle arrangement enables it to negotiate undulating terrains effortlessly.
  • Only vehicle in its class with mechanically actuated differential locks on both axles.



Best-in-Class Ride And Handing

  • The All New Force Gurkha has a high strength C-in-C chassis especially designed to take very high bending and torsional loads. For the first time in this category coil spring suspension has been offered on four wheels.
  • Both Front and Rear Suspension have been optimally tuned for various vehicle dynamics parameters to ensure unmatched ride and handling both on road as well as offroad.



Breathes High Altitude Fresh Air

  • The Gurkha breathes through a snorkel mounted at roof height of the vehicle that ensures ample supply of clean air to the engine ensuring superior combustion and lower strain on the air cleaning system. The Snorkel also gives Gurkha a high water wading ability of up to 550 mm, unmatched by any other vehicle in this category.



Unmatched High Ground Clearance

  • The Gurkha has a class leading ground clearance of 210 mm helping it to negotiate undulating terrains with ease. In addition, critical areas like the engine under belly, fuel tank, propeller shaft joints have a protective shield to prevent damage during off-roading.



Designed to Take on the Extremes

  • A 44° Approach Angle and 40° Angle of Departure (w/o footstep) enables it to negotiate sudden steep gradients and tackling ditches effortlessly. The class leading Ramp Over Angle of 30° in the Gurkha Xtreme enables negotiating humps with ease
  • The Gurkha also has best in class gradeability and can negotiate gradients up to 40° in Low 4x4.



Seating Capacity

  • The Gurkha Xtreme is available with 5+D seating capacity.


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Specifications xplorer-title
Wheel Base (mm) 2400
Drive 4x4
Engine FM 2.2 CR, BS IV 4 Cyl., Inline, TCIC, Common Rail Diesel Engine, 16 Valve DOHC
Power (hp) / Torque (Nm @ rpm) 140 Hp/321 Nm @ 1600-2400 rpm
Gear box G 32/5 Synchromesh with Dual Mass Flywheel, Overdrive
Axle Front Live rigid with Differential Lock
  Rear Live rigid with Differential Lock
Ground Clearance 210 mm
Differential Lock Both Front and Rear
Warranty 18 Months / Unlimited Km